Planning is so important in life from planning how you want your business to succeed to planning on how you will spend your day. Planning is important in life because you need to have a target of what you want to achieve. If you are running a business you want to know exactly what you want to achieve from the business and where you want to be. If you are in a relationship then you will obviously know exactly what you want from it or what you want out of it, and if you are playing a game then you obviously want to be good at it. Even cooking requires a degree of time management and planning, so it’s more important in your life than you may realise. It is a good thing to do just to muster up motivation, and here are a few tips of what you can do to plan better!


Setting a realistic and achievable target

The fact is, although we all want to achieve as much as possible in a small amount of time as possible, it is always important to ensure that your targets are SMART. If you want to achieve success, ensuring that you hit small weekly or monthly targets can ensure that you keep on the right track to achieve a big target in the end. Make sure that you know exactly what you need to do to achieve these targets, and if they are possible within a specific amount of time then you can create an overall target with is both realistic and achievable. This is the key to ensuring that you are making small victories and moving your business forward at a good pace.

Time management

There is only so much amount of time within each day, and even less time that you can realistically work at an optimum output before you either start underperforming or become burnt out. Some tasks are time specific also, and can’t be performed at certain times. For example, if you plan on cold calling or selling to other businesses, then you only have during average office hours to make these phone calls and sales. That is why you need to plan out what you will be doing during what time of the day before you over or underestimate. You can lose so many potential working hours and quite frankly money just from not properly allocating the right tasks at the right time, or using too little or too much time during the day to complete these tasks. Try to make a calendar of your work day. Then use the hours that you have to work and decide what tasks should be worked on at what time. For example, I work around 10 hours a day, so I need to make sure that I am doing the best tasks possible for those times to get the most out of each day.

Figure out the most effective way to complete a task

So it’s pretty self-explanatory in the title, but figuring out the most effective and efficient way to completely a task will do you wonders. You can try to complete a task using as little time as possible, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be done correctly. You could also complete a task to the highest quality, but if the task is not done in a time efficient manner then it does just as much damage as a task that has not been done properly. That’s why ensuring that you are able to be as efficient as possible is useful. The easiest way to ensure that you are being efficient is by planning what you want to do. Figure out how much time it will take to complete a task and then figure out how you can complete it. It really is that simple. Make sure that you know the exact steps that are needed to be taken to complete a task and ensure that you work as quickly as possible to complete it the correct way, and you would be surprised how much more you can do every day.

Enjoying your success

People always say what they look forward to or even expect when they finally make it successfully. Obviously success is relative to the person looking for it, but either way, people want things from life you won’t be able to achieve unless you are relatively successful. My personal dream in life has become to travel the world almost nomadically once I make enough passive income month to month. By nomadically I don’t mean travelling to different destinations for a few months at a time every year or two. I mean travel the world in one go for the space of two to three years, seeing everything that I can do doing as much as I can, like I’ve always wanted to. However, I’ll be coming back onto that in a bit more depth later on. Everyone wants different things out of their successes, and some of these I want to talk about, or at least go over a bit, just because many people forget why they become entrepreneurs or small business owners once things get a bit more hectic.


Taking care of family: Most peoples main aim when becoming a business owner of even main idea of success in life is making sure that their family is stable and taken care of financially and emotionally. Obviously this does not apply to everyone, but for the most part people just wish to see their loved ones not having to suffer and being able to enjoy life relatively stress free. Becoming an entrepreneur or business owner that is successful gives you the ability to provide your family with that privilege. This is especially common in South American families and businesses, due to their family oriented viewpoints and life styles. If you ever manage to become successful enough to provide your family with that ability, you need to follow through on it, since whether they are relying on you or just happy to share in your success, you worked hard for them.

Travelling: As I said, I personally want to be able to travel the world for an extended period of time if I ever become successful enough to have a high enough long term passive income. Being able to make money while travelling the world and seeing sights and doing things most people only dream of is a dream that most people cannot imagine. You can see and do everything and then come back to enough income and saved up money that you can start settling down with relative ease. Almost as if you are taking a few years break from life to come back with everything set up for you! While this is obviously the complete opposite a dream of taking care of your family and spending time with them since you’ll be relatively lonely, it’s still a great way to have some time to grow as a person without stress!

Taking care of yourself: This is the unpopular truth about people who want to be successful. Whether you want to get out of the shadow of someone associated to you that has had a lot of success, or have come from a background of little wealth, you’ll be hungry enough that you want to make it on your own terms and in your own way. Usually this type of success will be financially successful, but there is nothing wrong with that! Being financially secure or even rich enough where you can flaunt it and have expensive holidays, cars and houses for the sake of it is envied by most! Personally I believe there is no point making filthy rich money without spending it frivolously! I will give you some advice however; it’s not how much you make, it’s how much you save! If this is your personal dream, just take advantage of it. Spend it on what you want if you have little responsibility outside of your business or work, and just make sure that you have a good time and don’t actually regret when you do spend it!

At the end of the day only you know what drives you on to do better. If you get there, enjoy it

Healthy body/environment, healthy mind?

There are so many strangely distracting things in this world that can put you off focus without you realising as much. I personally think this has something to do with a healthy body = healthy mind type of situation, but I also find that a healthy environment = healthy mind too. How often do you feel motivated or even happy when you are surrounded by an environment that you aren’t at all comfortable in? I don’t just mean a social situation or environment, but the literal place that you are standing or sitting in. There are so many times the environment around you can make you feel in discomfort or distract you without you realising.

I personally feel that the best motivation for working is whatever makes you feel better. The amount of times I have been to the gym to work out any stress that I have or even any anger or frustration I find very cathartic, and it also helps me bring into mind the next steps I can take in other areas of life. The amount of times I have found myself in the gym happily working out and then find the motivation and willpower to go home and work is impossible to remember. I find it to be a bit of a game changer for me when hitting a mental roadblock on what I can do next, since it gives you time to work on yourself and also reflect on the work that you have already done. I even find that the diet that is necessary to keep up with results at the gym also makes me feel a lot healthier and happier, and also goes a long way to making you feel more aware and awake during the day. The energy that the diet changes can give you really does bring a possible placebo effect of possibility and happiness that goes a long way for someone starting a business.

I also find that when working in a cleaner environment, my mind seems to be a lot clearer as well. I’m sure many people have experienced this and would agree, but when you are in an environment that feels or smells dirty or unappealing, you just seem to be a lot less inclined to work and a lot less happy. It could be down to the negative feelings that you mind generates when surrounded by an environment that you personally find unappealing, but changing that negative environment to a positive environment really does change where your mind is at also. If you work at home, simply clearing around your workspace (whether it takes 30 minutes to 3 hours) will most likely save you time in the long run just because you would be in a mental state willing to work harder. Again, just like the gym, you would be surprised at the amount of times I have gotten motivation or even just new ideas while I have been cleaning the general work area. If it isn’t possible for you to clean your area, you should consider a change into a new one.

General exercise and movement does also help put you out of a lurch you may be in. If you feel lethargic or unable to work for whatever reason, taking your mind off work by doing something strenuous physically or mentally can help spring you back to life. If you can spare 10 or 20 minutes doing some exercises or even going for a walk, you can give yourself enough time to clear your head and wake you up for the next piece of work that you have yet to complete. It is important to stop yourself from giving up no matter if you are running a business or even just doing coursework. Taking an extended break while doing nothing will not help you stay in that mentality. The next time you feel like you need a break, play a game for a little while even. Try using some of these tips when you can and see how you get on!

How to start your business

Now if you are an entrepreneur then you already know the actual steps you have to take to start up a business. Registering your company, creating a website domain, setting your business account up, etc. These are the small steps to start your business up as a living entity. However, there are many stresses and obstacles for new business owners to encounter that are often not spoke about. These are little things that we will be talking about in this blog, with the first being motivation.

It is actually really hard to find motivation for yourself to work on your business every day including weekends for 10 hours. There is a reason more businesses fail in their first 5 years than any other time during their lives. Whether it is from burnout, stress or even just simply the business not working. People think that a business works for you day to day, and the truth is that you are working on the business every day yourself. There are many tricks you can use to motivate yourself when you are feeling down or hitting a roadblock.

Some think that a success board or dream board is useful when it comes to motivating yourself into building and growing your business. This involves putting up a board on the wall of your workspace with pictures of everything that you want to achieve. What you put on there is up for you to decide. Some like to put pictures of expensive sports cars and houses or mansions that they would love to live in. Others simply put pictures of their families up on the board because their main motivation is to better their families lives. Having these pictures within your eyesight can be very helpful to look over at and be able to keep yourself on track!

Another thing that can be helpful to do is to write a long list of the reasons you wanted the business to work and be so successful to begin with. You started a business and became an entrepreneur for a lot of reasons. You wanted to work your own hours? You wanted to work for yourself instead of your boss’s boss to be the one to profit? Maybe you just wanted to build yourself and your family a business that could be handed down generations. It could even be that you made a habit or an activity that you enjoy and you decided to make a way to make money out of it. Either way, you had a reason to start this business and you have a reason why you want it to work so badly. So just sit back and remember all of the times you worked 12 hours a day 6 days in a row for very little pay, or the amount of times you was in a job and you saw things being done wrong too many times and went unheard. If you want to continue to put yourself in that position then that is okay, but if you don’t then you need to remember that you are the only one who can change that.

If you hit a roadblock or begin to burnout, there is no shame in taking a longer break than you otherwise would. Some days are harder than others, especially if you do not see or feel any progress being made. Taking a break is healthier for you mentally than it is physically, and using time for your brain to rest and mentally relax and repair is good for you. You need to remember that in most cases, you can decide for yourself how many hours you work in a day. On top of that, you can decide when you want to work on that day and how many days you want to work. As long as you have a plan to get where you need to go to next, then you will be able to move forward eventually.