Enjoying your success

People always say what they look forward to or even expect when they finally make it successfully. Obviously success is relative to the person looking for it, but either way, people want things from life you won’t be able to achieve unless you are relatively successful. My personal dream in life has become to travel the world almost nomadically once I make enough passive income month to month. By nomadically I don’t mean travelling to different destinations for a few months at a time every year or two. I mean travel the world in one go for the space of two to three years, seeing everything that I can do doing as much as I can, like I’ve always wanted to. However, I’ll be coming back onto that in a bit more depth later on. Everyone wants different things out of their successes, and some of these I want to talk about, or at least go over a bit, just because many people forget why they become entrepreneurs or small business owners once things get a bit more hectic.


Taking care of family: Most peoples main aim when becoming a business owner of even main idea of success in life is making sure that their family is stable and taken care of financially and emotionally. Obviously this does not apply to everyone, but for the most part people just wish to see their loved ones not having to suffer and being able to enjoy life relatively stress free. Becoming an entrepreneur or business owner that is successful gives you the ability to provide your family with that privilege. This is especially common in South American families and businesses, due to their family oriented viewpoints and life styles. If you ever manage to become successful enough to provide your family with that ability, you need to follow through on it, since whether they are relying on you or just happy to share in your success, you worked hard for them.

Travelling: As I said, I personally want to be able to travel the world for an extended period of time if I ever become successful enough to have a high enough long term passive income. Being able to make money while travelling the world and seeing sights and doing things most people only dream of is a dream that most people cannot imagine. You can see and do everything and then come back to enough income and saved up money that you can start settling down with relative ease. Almost as if you are taking a few years break from life to come back with everything set up for you! While this is obviously the complete opposite a dream of taking care of your family and spending time with them since you’ll be relatively lonely, it’s still a great way to have some time to grow as a person without stress!

Taking care of yourself: This is the unpopular truth about people who want to be successful. Whether you want to get out of the shadow of someone associated to you that has had a lot of success, or have come from a background of little wealth, you’ll be hungry enough that you want to make it on your own terms and in your own way. Usually this type of success will be financially successful, but there is nothing wrong with that! Being financially secure or even rich enough where you can flaunt it and have expensive holidays, cars and houses for the sake of it is envied by most! Personally I believe there is no point making filthy rich money without spending it frivolously! I will give you some advice however; it’s not how much you make, it’s how much you save! If this is your personal dream, just take advantage of it. Spend it on what you want if you have little responsibility outside of your business or work, and just make sure that you have a good time and don’t actually regret when you do spend it!

At the end of the day only you know what drives you on to do better. If you get there, enjoy it