Healthy body/environment, healthy mind?

There are so many strangely distracting things in this world that can put you off focus without you realising as much. I personally think this has something to do with a healthy body = healthy mind type of situation, but I also find that a healthy environment = healthy mind too. How often do you feel motivated or even happy when you are surrounded by an environment that you aren’t at all comfortable in? I don’t just mean a social situation or environment, but the literal place that you are standing or sitting in. There are so many times the environment around you can make you feel in discomfort or distract you without you realising.

I personally feel that the best motivation for working is whatever makes you feel better. The amount of times I have been to the gym to work out any stress that I have or even any anger or frustration I find very cathartic, and it also helps me bring into mind the next steps I can take in other areas of life. The amount of times I have found myself in the gym happily working out and then find the motivation and willpower to go home and work is impossible to remember. I find it to be a bit of a game changer for me when hitting a mental roadblock on what I can do next, since it gives you time to work on yourself and also reflect on the work that you have already done. I even find that the diet that is necessary to keep up with results at the gym also makes me feel a lot healthier and happier, and also goes a long way to making you feel more aware and awake during the day. The energy that the diet changes can give you really does bring a possible placebo effect of possibility and happiness that goes a long way for someone starting a business.

I also find that when working in a cleaner environment, my mind seems to be a lot clearer as well. I’m sure many people have experienced this and would agree, but when you are in an environment that feels or smells dirty or unappealing, you just seem to be a lot less inclined to work and a lot less happy. It could be down to the negative feelings that you mind generates when surrounded by an environment that you personally find unappealing, but changing that negative environment to a positive environment really does change where your mind is at also. If you work at home, simply clearing around your workspace (whether it takes 30 minutes to 3 hours) will most likely save you time in the long run just because you would be in a mental state willing to work harder. Again, just like the gym, you would be surprised at the amount of times I have gotten motivation or even just new ideas while I have been cleaning the general work area. If it isn’t possible for you to clean your area, you should consider a change into a new one.

General exercise and movement does also help put you out of a lurch you may be in. If you feel lethargic or unable to work for whatever reason, taking your mind off work by doing something strenuous physically or mentally can help spring you back to life. If you can spare 10 or 20 minutes doing some exercises or even going for a walk, you can give yourself enough time to clear your head and wake you up for the next piece of work that you have yet to complete. It is important to stop yourself from giving up no matter if you are running a business or even just doing coursework. Taking an extended break while doing nothing will not help you stay in that mentality. The next time you feel like you need a break, play a game for a little while even. Try using some of these tips when you can and see how you get on!