How to start your business

Now if you are an entrepreneur then you already know the actual steps you have to take to start up a business. Registering your company, creating a website domain, setting your business account up, etc. These are the small steps to start your business up as a living entity. However, there are many stresses and obstacles for new business owners to encounter that are often not spoke about. These are little things that we will be talking about in this blog, with the first being motivation.

It is actually really hard to find motivation for yourself to work on your business every day including weekends for 10 hours. There is a reason more businesses fail in their first 5 years than any other time during their lives. Whether it is from burnout, stress or even just simply the business not working. People think that a business works for you day to day, and the truth is that you are working on the business every day yourself. There are many tricks you can use to motivate yourself when you are feeling down or hitting a roadblock.

Some think that a success board or dream board is useful when it comes to motivating yourself into building and growing your business. This involves putting up a board on the wall of your workspace with pictures of everything that you want to achieve. What you put on there is up for you to decide. Some like to put pictures of expensive sports cars and houses or mansions that they would love to live in. Others simply put pictures of their families up on the board because their main motivation is to better their families lives. Having these pictures within your eyesight can be very helpful to look over at and be able to keep yourself on track!

Another thing that can be helpful to do is to write a long list of the reasons you wanted the business to work and be so successful to begin with. You started a business and became an entrepreneur for a lot of reasons. You wanted to work your own hours? You wanted to work for yourself instead of your boss’s boss to be the one to profit? Maybe you just wanted to build yourself and your family a business that could be handed down generations. It could even be that you made a habit or an activity that you enjoy and you decided to make a way to make money out of it. Either way, you had a reason to start this business and you have a reason why you want it to work so badly. So just sit back and remember all of the times you worked 12 hours a day 6 days in a row for very little pay, or the amount of times you was in a job and you saw things being done wrong too many times and went unheard. If you want to continue to put yourself in that position then that is okay, but if you don’t then you need to remember that you are the only one who can change that.

If you hit a roadblock or begin to burnout, there is no shame in taking a longer break than you otherwise would. Some days are harder than others, especially if you do not see or feel any progress being made. Taking a break is healthier for you mentally than it is physically, and using time for your brain to rest and mentally relax and repair is good for you. You need to remember that in most cases, you can decide for yourself how many hours you work in a day. On top of that, you can decide when you want to work on that day and how many days you want to work. As long as you have a plan to get where you need to go to next, then you will be able to move forward eventually.