Making the most out of it!

Making the most out of it!

So this is the next blog post that I’m going to make and I think that it is very important still. Whether you enjoy what you do, or don’t enjoy it and just have to get on with it for the sake of it, the only way to bear through the tougher parts of it is making the most of it. I have a friend who works as an electrician in Merton for who I’m about to make a cheap plug here for Merton Electricians and he really enjoys what he does. He gets to meet new people and help them when they are in their most comforting environment and he really enjoys the interactions! Things like this make all of the hard work worth it, and if you really cannot find a way to enjoy what you do (even if you have to break the rules a little bit) then there really is no point in continuing.

I used to work a job at a very famous concert hall in London and I would work anywhere from 50 – 65 hours a week. Some days I would have to do 15 hours 4 days in a row just because I had to. It became a really emotionally and physically stressful job, especially when trying to work and go to the gym at the same time. By the time I got home I was already 3 hours late for getting up the next day. My social life vanished very, very quickly and even had to work on holidays such as Christmas Eve, Easter, Halloween and even my own birthday. It became a very tedious and stressful job and while the money was okay, it wasn’t good enough to justify staying. I ended up spending most of my pay check every month on food and cigarettes just to help cope with how stressed I would be. The highlights of my day became cigarette breaks and drinking a cup of Darjeeling tea as quickly as possible over the space of five minutes. What made it worse was that I was treated like a child for the majority of the day. Every. Day. The management was the worst that I had to deal with compared to any job that I’ve ever had, and I’m sure I have had teachers that treated me more like an adult and a colleague than these guys. Having to spend 17 hour shifts in this building ended up making me feel so defeated meant that I couldn’t actually do it anymore and eventually I left because I couldn’t do it anymore.

However, I did find small ways to enjoy the building that I was in for so long. Like I said, I was in the building for full days at a time, 6 days a week. The benefit of doing this job however is that because it was a concert hall, I got to meet new people every day. Even if it is just speaking to them for 5 minutes (or doing what I would sometimes do and take a few girls numbers and met them later!) the small and brief window of human interaction saved my day. In the end, after spending 7 hours of your day completely alone it is actually nice to see people and speak to them even for a second. It saves your sanity! So I made sure that I would enjoy that brief interaction as much as possible. There was also a few times that I would sneak cheeky cigarettes when I shouldn’t have, took a few drinks to where I was supposed to be working and although I shouldn’t admit this, there had been at least 5 occasions that I decided getting drunk at work was definitely the best idea in the world (which made for a great Christmas eve!). But the whole point is… even if you do not enjoy what you do, just make the most of it as much as you can until you possibly cannot do it anymore.

Getting over specific obstacles

I know this blog post will sound incredibly unspecific, and quite frankly it is. Although I can’t give you specific advice on how to fix a specific problem, I will tell you that there are many different routes you can use to tackle an issue that you will not realise in advanced. There are always three ways to solve every problem, and there are a few things that you can do to help you solve that situation. These are a few small things that you can do to try and tackle a problem that you cannot solve in a new way, and there are a few ways you can figure out how to do this.

Take a step back and reassess

The first thing you should do when you are approached with a situation you do not know how to confront is to take a step back and look at the situation. By taking yourself out of the situation you are in and the problem you are creating you can get a clearer view of what you are currently facing. Once you have a clearer view of what is going on, you have the ability to reassess the options that you have in front of you and you will know what you can do to fix the situation. As I said earlier, there will be at least three ways to solve every problem, unless it is very specific like “walk through a door”. In which case you should read a couple blog posts ago about motivation! But realistically there is always a different option and a different route for everything. You might be working in sales but dislike cold calling, but there is always cold emailing that is an option. You can even find personal phone numbers and text directly if you want a way to try and make a sale without actually talking to them over the phone. There is always a new way to make a sale that you have yet to think of, including following up through different means. Just because one hasn’t worked, don’t assume that there isn’t another way out there!

Planning the correct next steps

Now that you have figured out the next steps you need to take to fix those problems and all of the possible options that you can take from there, you need to pick the right way to solve that issue. If you have figured out the next steps to solving your problem you then have to pick the best option for you. As I mentioned in my previous blog, just because one option is the quickest does not mean it is the best or most effective. Find the right option that is best for you. Whatever solves the problem the most efficiently while it does not take too much time.

Making sure you carry out your plan properly

Now that you have taking your time to step back and successfully reassess the situation, and find the best possible way to solve that situation, now you simply have to put it into action. However, you will realise that it is very easy to make a mistake. There is always some type of obstacle that will stop you from moving forward. Personally for me, I have found it that the more time I have on my hands to complete a task the more I put it off. So even though I know something will only take 30 minutes to complete, I will find a way to distract myself so that it would take 3 hours. Therefore you need to ensure that you find your solution and ensure that you complete it.

I hope that you find some of this information helpful and if any of it applies to you, ensure you listen to it!